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Sweeten Milk/ Condensed Milk/ Sweetened Condensed Milk/ Sweeten Creamer/ Condensed Sweetened Filled Milk


Whatever you name above, it is still the same condensed sweetened milk except in a few variants. Product more!

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+ 5-star is the most premium grade
iii   |  Condensed Sweeten Milk Color Oxidation
Condensed Sweeten Milk color change will naturally shift into darker undertone gradually over long period of time. This is happened because of a process called Color Oxidation mainly attributed by the ingredient of sugar being oxidized. We have the finest quality which is unparalled with other brands under the same environment. Click and see below for Color Oxidation Charts comparison with others.
iv   |  Consumer's Tips
* This milk is Not_To_Be used as breast milk substitute.

* Do not consume if tin appears dented or rusty or bloated

* Once open, keep in the cooler and finish the tin within 7-day to avoid contaminated.

* Use responsibly. Recycle tin after used.
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condensed sweetened milk

Condensed Sweetened Milk

It is all about the thickened creamy pale yellowish liquid sweetness' temptation. When people talk of "richness to taste" in the coffee or tea or desserts, they are generally sensing the level of full fat (fresh milk/full cream milk/skimmed milk). It shows how important of the condensed sweetened milk you are using. A good quality of condensed sweetened milk shall give a good stability of milk in respect of pleasant color, flavor, mouth texture. A balance of milk fat and moisture content means the quality of milk fat and quantity it applied into your cup of coffee (or tea or desserts). A richer of milk will assist with the flavor of coffee(or tea or desserts) and also act as a carrier of flavor to bombard your tongue. Beverage will never be the same again with added of Condensed Sweetened Milk.

Over the years, our Condensed Sweetened Milk is refined and formulated not only for sweetness lover, it has the most balance of sweetness and stability and nutritional values that others can not provide. Sweet and thick creamy taste are generally irresistible.

Other may apply onto a dessert or cake or simply a spread on your daily bread to enhance and bring out the sweetness of your lovely dishes.

Top 5 Most Popular Applications of Condensed Sweetened Milk

1. Confectioneries's paste and ingredients;
2. Coffee, Tea, Beverages(hot/cold)'s add-on;
3. Local delight's topping;
4. Savory Cooking's ingredient;
5. Bread's spead;

Available in versions: French & English;
Questions & Answers

What is the differences among sweeten creamer, condensed sweetened milk, condensed sweetened filled milk? 

 Not all condensed sweetened milk made the same. Original where comes in quality cow fat always pricing a slightly higher than the rest; whereas others like condensed sweetened filled milk and sweetened creamer are made of hot pot of powdered milk, edible fat, flavors, colorings and sugar; Hence, you should choose those condensed sweetened milk which fit your application whether it is for creamy desserts or cooking salvory or just for beverage sweetness.
 Sweeten creamer is no more than a coffee creamer or better known as coffee whitener. It is absolute sweeteness with zero nutritional value. Lowest grade among all.
 Condensed sweetened milk is the original and traditional made of mainly full cream powdered milk. Tasty and highly nutritional value. It is considered an premium item as the milk sold maintained above 20% and above.
 Condensed sweeten filled milk is a replacement of real cow fat to edible fat(palm oil) with lesser of milk powder used. The milk solid standard about 10 to 14%. Any below will consider as deteriorated quality.

How to Choose a good quality condensed sweetened milk? 

 avoid low protein(<2%).
 avoid flavorless smell. Condensed sweetened milk is the most tendency to go bad because of the low quality of raw material it may have formulated. With full of chemical agents tend for less creamy and some even use non-milk elements or flavouring to archiev.
 avoid layer condensed sweetened milk. oil and liquid milk tends to separate into two layers after 3 months+ from production date;
 avoid low viscousity. condensed sweetened milk tend to solidify with time and temperature. Its hardly flows.
 avoid dull color. Color will turn readily into dark brownish within short period of time.
 avoid rusty tins. Some producers cut cost by using low graded aluminum tins.

Does the color of condensed sweetened milk change? 

 Yes! The color will show a pleasant pale yellowish at initial stage and gradually turn into a dead dull brownish depend on the time and temperature. Usually a fair good quality of condensed sweetened milk will at least maintain the color up to 7~8 month depend on the storage environment. A lousy quality of condensed sweeten milk will start to show darker yellowish with lumpy viscousity 3~4 month after production. Temperature will speed up the color changing time frame.

How old of Condensed Sweetened Milk today? 

 No one would able to answer that. However, the very first similar item was recorded in early 13 century by Marco Polo's expedition. It would be about 700 hundred year old as of today!

Product At A Glance
Color      White Yellowish
Grade     Vegetable Fat 10%
    Protein 3.5%
    Mineral 2.0%
    Sucrose 47.0%
    Total Milk Solid Non Fat 16%
    Vitamin A, B & D fortified
Packing size a) 390g x 48 tins tins Per Carton;
b) 1kg x 24 tins Per Carton, come with top red plastic cap;
Container's Maximum Load (Only 20'gp) a)1250 Cartons(for 390g/tin); Neck-In & stackable;
b)1000 Cartons(for 1kg/tin); Neck-In & stackable;

Origin, Veterinary Health/Sanitary(SGS), Analysis & Halal

Suggested Applications coffee, tea, cooking, dessert, cookery...etc
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