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Our Philosophy
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Our madam Susan G., is now a grandmother of seven, has once said, "Go out and spread the good milk!". On these very day, we are still upholding the fundamental philopsohpy that define us. Our world is heavily vined & marketed by myriad advertisements everyday. Costs behind those marketing's efforts are a staggering figure. Due to keen competitions among peers and consumers like we are paying the these added ultimate costs. With one brand attempts to dominate the market than other, we pay awfully without knowing for enjoying a good glass of milk in this commercial world.

Today, we decide to turn the tide in reducing unnecesary costs of middle-men nor advertising & marketing costs, in our very little effort for the sake of a good glass of milk to the far end like you. We are part of the family afterall. We have come a long way but we will not trading the quality for volume.

It is the children little smile on their faces that we matter personnally at the end.
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