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TOP Sellers Of 2017 Year
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Full Cream Milk Powder / Whole Milk Powder


The world most popular milk powder. Be it the regular or instanised, it is part of our basic everyday essential most natural balanced-nutritiens milk source. Now available and packed at your more.

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Condensed Sweetened Milk / Sweeten Creamer/ Sweet Milk


Whatever you name it, it is still the all times favourite consumer sweeten milk sweeping accross asia to africa since more

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Evaporated Milk / Evaporated Creamer


Taste as it were full cream milk! The unique creamy flavour can push you to the roof top! It is tasty you can drink as its own! Some call it "Coffee-mate"! Perhaps add chocolate will sparkle you in a total new tasting experience... read more.

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welcome to Galakto Milk!


In decades, we learn, grow and understand reasonably well that only quality grade of farm source will produce fair good grade of milk products. With the humble origin beginning from New Zealand milk trading and handling, we are now growing in providing the world not just quality milk, but the basic foundation of healthy natural resource which every family pursues.

We are supplying full cream milk powder(FCMP)/whole milk(WMP), skimmed milk powder(SMP), baby milk powder, sweet whey powder(SWP), butter milk powder(BMP), condensed sweetened milk (varies into sweeten condensed filled milk/ sweeten creamer), evaporated milk (varies evaporated filled milk /evaporated creamer). All the powdered milk can be traced as far as in New Zealand. In preserving the freshness and premium quality of dried powdered milk, stringent processes are followed from New Zealand processing plant into our unparalleled automation filling facility. We review and refine every single process quarterlly that made to the end of line and all detail has come from a long way of experience. All our finishing products are becoming our pride.

Whether you have heard our name somewhere, we are much appreciate your feedback! And we therefore would encourage any feedback that would positively lead us to surpass our current limit. Our dairy products are presently distributed worldwide. Our commitment is to make the dairy products becomes affordable worldwide.

If you have the same philosophy as ours, join and be part of us and help this world for sharing a cheaper good quality of a glass of milk to your community!

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