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Whatever you name above, it is still the same evaporated milk except in a few variants. Product Information...read more!

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* Not intend to be used as breast milk substitute.

* Use responsibly. Recycle tin after used.

* Do not consume if tin appears dented or rusty or bloated

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Evaporated Milk
In the beginning of WWI, evaporated milk was firstly introduced by dehydrating fresh cow milk and packed. Nowadays, evaporated milk is mainly formulated especially creamy on your cup of coffee, desserts and culinary. Made of skimmed milk powder in preserving the thickness of original milk. It unleashes the rich milky refreshment to make your beverage so creamy and silky smooth. Not withstanding the strong "cow" smell like other brands, our evaporated milk is reciped of appropriate skimmed milk powder and homogenised with refined edilble fat. It gives a fair creamy taste without taking away the original flavour of your cup of coffee. Evaporated milk is also an excellent ingredient in your creamy rich savoury dishes. Simply add a fair amount into your cooking dishes to bring out the original delicacy which will leave your diners impressive! Our evaporated milk is enriched with vitamins and protein fortified. Restaurants in the world use our evaporated milk so often today for desserts and baking due to its unique creaminess. It is a Cholestrol-free.

We have maintained the ever-created evaporated milk as classic-way as possible in modern technology. Our evaporated milk is simply the good mate with your cup coffee!

Available in versions: 1) French & English; 2)Arabic & English;

Questions & Answers

What is Evaporated Milk? 

 Evaporated milk, also known as dehydrated milk, is a shelf-stable canned milk product with homogenized milk from which 60 percent of the water has been removed. After removing of water, the product is freezed, fortified with vitamins, stabilized, packaged and sterilized. A slightly caramelized flavor results from the high heat process, and it is slightly darker in color than fresh milk. The evaporation process also concentrates the nutrients and the food energy. Thus, for the same weight, undiluted evaporated milk contains more food energy than fresh milk. It differs from sweetened condensed milk, which contains added sugar. Sweetened condensed milk requires less processing since the added sugar inhibits bacterial growth.
When mixed with an equal amount of water, evaporated milk becomes the equivalent of fresh milk. This means the actual liquid product takes up half the space of fresh milk, making it attractive for shipping purposes and can have a shelf life of 1 year. This made evaporated milk very popular before refrigeration as a safe and reliable substitute for perishable fresh milk and easily for storage.

What are the differences between evaporated milk and evaporated filled milk? 

 Evaporated milk is the oldest liquid milk of its kind. It is purely a dehydrated cow milk and full creamy at all time. Whereas evaporated filled milk has been developed by substitue amount of cow fat to edible fat (vegetable fat) for health consciousness purpose in give a cholestrol-free diet without losing the creaminess

Color      Pale Yellow
Grade     Vegetable Fat 6.0%
    Protein 4.8%
    Mineral 2.0%
    Vitamin A 700IU
    Vitamin D3 120IU     Total Milk Solid 20%
Packing size a) 160g/170g x 48 tins tins Per Carton;
b) 400g x 48 tins Per Carton;
Container's Maximum Load (Only 20'gp) a)2200 Cartons(for 160g/tin); not stackable
b)1010 Cartons(for 400g/tin); stackable

Origin, Veterinary Health/Sanitary(SGS), Analysis & Halal

Suggested Applications coffee, tea, cooking, dessert...etc
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