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Baby Milk Powder / Infant Milk Powder  

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Baby Milk Powder | Infant Milk Powder (for New Birth to 12 mths)


LottèNidoo - " 1 "
Infant Milk Powder/
Baby Milk Powder
The ROP Dairy is providing the world with nutritional health foods. We commit to the world by promoting healthcare starting from young adult or infant.

Quality life starts with quality foods. Through out the pages, we are focusing on infant milk powder(Baby milk powder).

Breastfeeding is recommended for new birth of baby. Research has proven that during the first year of baby growth, the nutritional absorption is the most extend for his or her lifetime. For mother who does not produce enough of breastmilk, LottèNidoo Infant Milk Powder is the substitute for breastmilk. Starting young with LottèNidoo Infant Milk Powder particularly from baby birth to 12 months old.

LottèNidoo-"1" is the formulated infant milk powder(Baby milk powder) that give a balance diet of protein, vitamins and minerals that close to the breast milk for supplement of your baby complex nutrient need. The formulation is mild and without enrich of high percentage of strong elements such as iron, which is not suitable for new born babys. It generally and moderately fit in baby diet daily.

With a strong supporting team of researh and development, The ROP Dairy has widespreaded worldwidely providing quality formulas and nutritional dairy products for infants as well as adult.
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