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LottèNidoo - " 1 "

Infant Milk Powder | Baby Milk

New MA-MA - Nutrition In Breastfeeding
Breast milk is best for your baby, because it not only provides all the nourishment your baby requires, but also provides protection by building immunity. Not questionablely, good nutrition is essential for breastfeeding women, both to optimize milk production and to maintain your owns health. At this period, if you are breastfeeding, there is an generally increased requirements for calories, protein, and certain vitamins and minerals from your body.

Producing breast milk requires a lot of energy - Your baby growth is so much in the first 4 months of life, typically doubles the birthweight that it took 9 months of pregnancy to achieve. A large amount of breast milk production required to support this growth. You will need to consume additional calories in order to make this happen. Generally, you will be very tired during the begining stage of breastfeeding.

    Good Intake of nutrition optimizes breast milk quality and quantity - Means lots of quality milk for your baby. A balance nutrition helps you produce the best quality breast milk.High vitamin and proteins in breast milk that help protect your baby from sickness.

Good nutrition helps maintain your health - During breastfeeding, making sure that your diet meets your baby's nutrient demands and at the same time will also help to protect your own nutrient stores.

Your need for every nutrient — protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. are greater when you are breastfeeding. Make sure your diet is full with all range of foods from vegetable to meat. And drinking cow milk will be a good source of all.

We recommend to take LotteNidoo™ - Gold daily to give your body a good source of all nutrients.
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